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zucchini flower at kaima

News Archives

Working in the farm

Kaima embraces our ‘troublemaker’ moniker


“Kaima offers another path for youth who have dropped out of school and may just need a different, less standardized track to find their way in the world.”


Read about Dr. Nancy Strichman’s Times of Israel blog post on how Kaima’s model is helping to teach her Hebrew University’s Glocal graduate students.


February 17, 2023 READ MORE

working in kaima Tanzania

Kaima welcomes fifth sister farm and the first outside of Israel


“It’s something we always wished would happen -- to see our model duplicated all over the world. We’re so happy about it...”


Israel21C's Abigail Klein Leichman writes about global export of the Kaima model


30 April 2018 READ MORE

times of israel article about kaima

Atmosphere of calm understanding

“There are young people for whom effective learning is the result of interactive experience, not conventional classroom lessons.”


Read about the day Aviva and Shmuel Bar-Am of the Times of Israel of spent with Kaima’s young farmers and staff.

26 August 2017   READ MORE

a teen harvesting basil
young farmer in the greenhouse

"Farm therapy" expands into hydroponics 


Teens from the margins of Israeli society find their way back into the mainstream with the help of Kaima’s novel agricultural program.


Israel21C's Abigail Klein Leichman checks back in with Kaima founder.


5 July 2016   READ MORE

forward conference

A Jewish Farmers Movement: Revolutionary or Ridiculous?


The second annual Jewish famers’ conference hosted by the Leichtag Foundation brought together some fifty Jewish farmers to discuss issues such as sustainability, ethical food procurement, and Jewish communal return to agricultural endeavor.


The Forward


7 February 2016 READ MORE


Israel medal

Social organic farm gives teens a second chance


The…CSA customers of Kaima aren’t only supporting a local organic farm. They make it possible…to provide a fresh start for teenagers who’ve dropped out of high school.


Originally posted by the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


4 June, 2015 READ MORE

jerusalem post kaima article

Farm to basket to table


The CSA movement is finally gaining ground in Israel. But will ‘shmita’ throw it off track?


Jerusalem Post's Amy Spiro talks about organic farms and the implications of shmita.


9 October 2014  READ MORE

israel 21c article

Dropout teens blossom at unique organic farm


"We thought we could give these kids something beyond what they get in sessions with a social worker or psychologist," says Kaima founder.


Israel21C's interview with Kaima founder by Abigail Klein Leichman.


28 September 2014   READ MORE

Honorable Mentions

Kaima watermelon

Kaima Featured on Jewish Giving Platform


Kaima Co-Founder, Yoni Yefet Reich was interviewed by our new friends at Righteous Crowd, a micro-giving platform that engages the Jewish community in supporting impactful not-for-profit organizations. 


merac carmi

Israelis and internationals build new careers as eco change makers


Read about how the Green Apprenticeship program at Kibbutz Lotan inspired environmental activist Merav Carmi to establish Kaima Nahalal, the fourth franchise farm in the Kaima network.



Kaima Hukuk farmer

Make Eat Magazine


Kaima Beit Zayit appeared in a great article – “A Place to Grow” – featuring the founders of our sister farm, Kaima Hukuk in Israel’s north.


the earth in our hands

Public gardens across globe admire new model in Jerusalem


Read about Kaima’s rolein the Jerusalem Botanical Garden Social and Environmental Hub, a wonderful addition to the capital city.   


Hazon logo

Hazon Visit to Kaima


Jewish educator Nigel Savage, the president of Hazon (Vision), an NGO committed to promoting environmental and human sustainability by creating change through transformative experiences had this to say about his recent visit to Kaima.   



Keren baktana giving circle

Kaima receives JFN-Keren Baktana Giving Circle Prize


In March 2015, Kaima was chosen as the recipient of Israel’s largest giving circle, whose donors gathered at the Jewish Funder's Network International conference in Tel Aviv. Many, many thanks to all who made this possible.


lichtag conference

Kaima participates in the Jewish Community Farming Conference in San Diego, hosted by the Leichtag Foundation, January 2015.


The Jewish Community Farmer Advisory Committee, came on the heels of the Jewish Outdoor, Food, & Environmental Education report highlighting the growing movement of Jewish experiences centered around outdoor, food, and environmental education.  Kaima was front and center throughout the committee conference sponsored by the Leichtag Foundation. 



IVN entrepreneurs visit

A Day in the Field


In November 2013, a group of 20 Israel Venture Network entrepreneurs and philanthropists from Israel and the US visited Kaima to learn about our social businesses practices and the lives we are changing, and to offer their own great insights to help guide our future.



fresh spaghetti squash
the good people fund logo

The Good People Fund


'A simple act of kindness can make a world of difference'  This is the guiding philosophy of one of Kaima's  best freinds and supporters - The Good People Fund. This great organizaiton recently highlight us on their website.  Once again, thank you Good People! 




UPDATE: Check out GPF Founder Noaomi Eisenberger's latest online diary entry.  



Potato Heart

Times of Israel


Dr. Nancy Strichman teaches graduate courses in evaluation and strategic thinking through Hebrew University’s Glocal program, and researches shared society NGOs and gender equality in Israel. Enjoy her blog about our sister farm, Kaima Nahalal, and her thoughts on how its founders are making a difference in the lives of girls and women.  


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