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Nowadays, most service providers create their own ringtones and distribute them for free with your handset. In New Zealand and Australia, you can find many mobile phone brands and models. Most tonos para celular are made from digital or metallic sounds, which the manufacturer and service provider have created for you. They are often mp3 quality, and most ringtones are bits of mp3 files. Nevertheless, there are some mobile phone manufacturers who offer their users free ringtones, and this is a good idea if you want to attract more customers.

Tone Tweet has over one hundred thousand free ringtones. You can browse multiple lists or search using keywords to find a specific ringtone. Categories include Rock, Games, Funky, Animals, Christmas, and Halloween. You can browse the ringtones according to their category, and save them as MP3 files for your phone. They can also be mailed to friends or downloaded to your mobile. This site offers both free and paid ringtones.

Wolfgang Ernesta

Wolfgang Ernesta

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