"Feed my Neighbor" -- Combating Food Insecurity

A small farm, Kaima grows for customers' needs and does not accumulate surplus vegetables. Yet, knowing that many of our neighbors lack the means to provide for themselves, we cultivate extra portions to donate to those in need on a weekly basis. Such outreach both challenges concepts of abundance in Israel society and helps model the primary principles of Tzedakah, empowering youth and adults alike as responsible citizens.

Historically, Kaima has provided veggie baskets to vulnerable families, non-profit organizations, the broader community aided by St. Vincent Monastery, and others. More recently, Kaima decided to extend outreach to two particularly vulnerable populations in Jerusalem: 1) Holocaust survivors and 2) women who have faced both sexual abuse and serious financial challenge. Our new Feed my Neighbor initiatiave is enabling us to increase food donations to where they are most needed.

COVID-19 realities have increased the need for food donations in our own small circle by some 275%. The pandemic has interrupted the food-supply chain and exacerbated food insecurity with a disproportionate impact on those already hovering at or below the poverty line. Today, more than ever, it is essential that we increase weekly donations.  With the necessary infrastructure in place, we are ready to respond and contribute to the reduction of hunger and food insecurity on a small but meaningful scale. We encourage our customers, philanthropic partners, and the community to help us donate veggie baskets to local groups of their choosing.

Click here to donate a food basket today!

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