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Please support our efforts

While we are proud to be able to cover more than 50% of our needs with funds generated through farm sales, philanthropic partnerships are essential to our operations. Funds are needed for:

  • Employment and empowerment programming for youth who have dropped out of school and young people needing support as they transition into adulthood

  • Eco-educational activities for the general community 

  • Capital needs (details available upon request)

  • Food donations to individuals in need and NGOs serving the food insecure

  • Mentoring other organizations interested in adopting/adapting our educational model

  • General purposes

 Let us know if you wish to earmark your donation or honor a loved one.

USD donations
NIS donations
Helping with your heart


(Tax- deductible )


Kaima thanks you in advance for your support.

Teens on the farm
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