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Our Model in Three Parts

Kaima operates according to a unique outreach approach based on a hybrid of commerce and non-profit modalities to help dropout youth turn their lives around. The project works by synthesizing education, environmental stewardship and social business into one cohesive model. 

Using the farm as an Educational Work Environment (EWE), Kaima is mapping a new strategy to support the re-engagment of young people (ages 14-18) who have dropped out of school or are on the cusp of doing so, as well as young adults (ages 18-21) whose challenges continue into young adulthood. 

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Kaima Organic Farm provides a unique educational work environment where every challenge is an opportunity to find meaning and personal development.

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Community Supported Agriculture offers the market place and the community alternative forms of economy and social relationships.

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A new generation of social business with the intention of improving society through self-sustaining ventures.

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