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Tamir and Uri Picking in Kaima farm

Partners & Stakeholders 


Youth and Young Adults

Primary beneficiaries include youth (ages 15-18) who have dropped out of school or are on the cusp of doing so. These boys and girls cannot relate to traditional educational settings, tend to have dangerously low self-esteem and limited employability skills. Increasingly, we are also working with young adults (ages 18-21) who are struggling to advance into adulthood.

The Educational Community

Kaima works with other NGOs and educators, as well as municipal and government authorities to provide alternative educational opportunities and meaningful engagement of the young people in their care.  Increasingly we mentor other educators and farmers interested in adopting/adapting our methodology.

The General Community

With interest in the "farm-to-table" lifestyle on the rise, Kaima's model of selling organic produce through the CSA platform is well-aligned with an existing natural market waiting to be further developed. 

Coming Together to do Good

Beyond Kaima's commitment to agricultural sustainability, we are similarly committed to human sustainability. In this effort, we come together as a community to attend to the unique needs of each boy or girl who has dropped out in an effort to re-engage them in meaningful endeavors.

Kaima is able to operate as an “educational employer”  thanks to the generous support of our CSA subscribers; in-kind commercial and community support; government and local authorities; as well as critical philanthropic partnerships.

To all we say "toda raba" - thank you very much!

Philanthropic Supporters 

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HEKDESH: The Dorot Alumni Philanthropy Collective


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With the Encouragement of The Matanel Foundation


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With the Encouragement of The Philigence Foundation


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Jay Chernikoff

Tony Felzen

L J Galinson Advised Fund of the

Jewish Community Foundation

JDC Entwine’s Inside Israel Giving Circle

Tammy & Jay Levine Foundation Inc.

Shoham Foundation

The Maks and Lea Rothstein Charitable Youth Trust

Ruth and Amos Wilnai

Other donors wishing to remain anonymous

Regional Councils & Authorities

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Jinogli School, Jerusalem

Ein Kerem High School, Jerusalem

Branco-Weiss School, Beit Shemesh

Majda Restaurant, Ein Rafa

Botanical Gardens, Jerusalem

Chubeza Farm, Ayalon Valley 

Hachatzav Shop, Beit Zayit

Gil Arad, traditional carpenter

Elad Brami, photography

Hashgacha Pratit

Tzohar Pikuach Mazon

Local Families

Danker Family

Dikshten Family

Nachmias Family

Peleg Family

Taub Family

Weiss Family

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