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Environmental Stewardship

CSA Farming

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a growing international movement within which individuals pledge to support local farms, with growers and consumers sharing the risks and benefits of food production.

"CSA farming teaches our young participants about the multiple definitions of sustainability, specifically what it takes to sustain our physical environment, as well as our relationships with other people."

CSA subscribers pay a set price for a share of the anticipated harvest and receive a weekly portion of fruit and vegetables based on availability.  The model, based on alternative forms of economy and social relationships, views the close collaboration between the farmer and the consumer as the cornerstone of the endeavor.

Addding a "Y" to CSA Farming

While CSA and its adherence to sustainable agricultural production/distribution is a growing international trend, a decade ago it was in its infancy in Israel. Kaima modified the concept, creating a new iteration−Youth Community Supported Agriculture (YCSA), an educational method that empowers young people as decision-makers on the farm where they earn a fair salary for their work. Such incentive motivates, teaches teamwork, and encourages personal initiative in a unique intergenerational undertaking of true value and consequence.

Today, ten years after planting our first harvest, not only is CSA become a familiar practice among Israeli consumers, Kaima's YCSA model has been adopted by other agriculturalists committed to empowering young people around matters of environmental stewardship.

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