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The Shepherd’s Group

Kaima encourages others to launch their own eco-educational initiatives, providing support and guidance along the way.  The Shepherd’s Group is an example of one such undertaking and partnership. This independent venture, inspired by Kaima’s efforts to sustain the land and generate a positive social benefit, was created by two Kaima volunteers. They invited Kaima to join them, along with some unusual partners – a herd of goats!

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The project is facilitated by a group of National Service volunteers, many of them Kaima alumni, whose hearts heard a "call to wander."  These modern-day shepherds are based in Tal Schachar, not far from Latrun, and close to many forested areas. The shepherds live alongside the goats and move them daily to nearby fields and forested land as part of a targeted grazing initiative designed to reduce the threat of fire, particularly in high-risk areas such as the densely forested Judean Mountains, the Elah Valley, and the neighboring lowlands.

Indeed, goats have long been the livestock of choice to assist with brush clearing given their reputation for eating thick, hard-to-reach vegetation rejected by most other grazing animals. Their indiscriminate dietary preferences and nimble physicality make them ideally suited for the job.

The Shepherd's Group welcomes volunteers of all ages and has developed a series of educational workshops for the general public wishing to learn more about this wonderful low-tech way to help prevent fire and connect with nature.

For more information, please contact Anat Zakai Tamir 053-420-8176 or email or

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