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Project Based Learning

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The concept

Kaima embraces Project Based Learning, a student-directed way to approach problem solving through new skill acquisition. PBL is based on the assumption that when people are directly involved in identifying problems, they are more invested in determining relevant solutions. PBL participants learn how to research a challenge that interests them, outline a program, develop and test their prototype, as is the case in real-world professional settings. Examples of projects include those for:

  • Personal use – for example, customized indoor and outdoor furnishings

  • The farm – for example, a small greenhouse to grow special crops out of season

  • The community – for example, a mini public lending library

Our sophisticated onsite wood and metal workshop, headed by a Bezalel-educated master craftsman, provides a physical home for all PBL activities. In addition to leaning carpentry, welding, and engraving, students further develop their cognitive capacity, acquire other skills to prepare for employment, and expand their sense of accomplishment. Importantly, the workshop also handles all farm repairs, further promoting the concept of sustainability we strive to reinforce with our youth.

Girl working in workshop
Itai working in wood workshop

Youth at work

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