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Kaima: A Network of Sustainable Farms

Developing a National Network of Sustainable Farms


Our founders visualized Kaima Beit Zayit not simply as a single farm but as the first within a new type of socially responsible educational network serving national needs.  Integral to this vision is scaled expansion, with Kaima Beit Zayit serving not only as the network’s prototype farm but as a learning lab to imagine, develop and oversee new educational and income-generating initiatives for youth-led farms around the country. 

Kaima Center for Economic Development and Educational Training

The “Kaima Center for Economic Development and Educational Training” allows us to build the capacity to function and grow as a multi-location, national and international educational network. Through the Center, all Kaima farms, of which there are three in Israel and one in Africa, are given access to tested educational programs; evaluation mechanisms; professional, pedagogic, and economic training/mentoring; and agricultural assistance. Each farm, while agreeing to follow Kaima’s “employment-as-education” model, maintains its own identity, board of directors, community relationships, and customer base.


As we prepare to enter the next decade, Kaima is undergoing an exciting re-organization process to unify our network of four youth-run educational farms under one operating model. This process of consolidating all educational, business, and financial resource development activities across the network is already underway.

Our Sister Farms

Meet our sister farms whose leaders are committed to working with youth based on Kaima’s economic-pedagogic model, each according to their own vision and personality.

Kaima Hukuk, Israel

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Kaima hukuk website
boy with harvest at kaima hukuk

Kaima Nahalal, Israel

Kaima nahalal
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Nahalal Fields

Kaima Tanzania, Africa

Kaima Tanzania's website
Kaima Tanzania
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Tanzania Young Woman

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